ECOGEMS: genotypes of 2058 rice accessions at 8,584,244 SNP sites

The genotypes of 2058 rice accessions at 8,584,244 SNP sites are stored using Sparse Matrices in R.

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Further references

This application was created by Wen Yao. Please send bugs and feature requests to Wen Yao (venyao at

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The genotypes of 2058 rice accessions at 8,584,244 SNP sites are stored using Sparse Matrices in R.
For more information, please check our publicationin at Bioinformatics.

Use ECOGEMS online

ECOGEMS is deployed at and for online use.
ECOGEMS is idle until you activate it by accessing the URL. So it may take some time when you access this URL for the first time. Once it was activated, ECOGEMS could be used smoothly and easily.

Launch ECOGEMS directly from R and GitHub

User can choose to run ECOGEMS installed locally for a more preferable experience.

Step 1: Install R and RStudio

Before running the app you will need to have R and RStudio installed (tested with R 3.4.4 and RStudio 1.1.442).
Please check CRAN ( for the installation of R.
Please check for the installation of RStudio.

Step 2: Install the R Shiny package and other packages required by ECOGEMS

Start an R session using RStudio and run these lines:

# try an http CRAN mirror if https CRAN mirror doesn't work  
# try an http CRAN mirror if https CRAN mirror doesn't work  
# install shinysky  
devtools::install_github("venyao/ShinySky", force=TRUE)  

Step 3: Start the app

Start an R session using RStudio and run these lines:

runGitHub("ECOGEMS", "venyao", launch.browser = TRUE)  

This command will download the code of ECOGEMS from GitHub to a temporary directory of your computer and then launch the ECOGEMS app in the web browser. Once the web browser was closed, the downloaded code of ECOGEMS would be deleted from your computer. Next time when you run this command in RStudio, it will download the source code of ECOGEMS from GitHub to a temporary directory again. This process is frustrating since it takes some time to download the code of ECOGEMS from GitHub.

Users are suggested to download the source code of ECOGEMS from Jianguoyun ( or GitHub ( to a fixed directory of your computer, such as ‘E:\apps’ on Windows. Following the procedure illustrated in the following figure, a zip file named ‘’ (GitHub) or ‘’ (Jianguoyun) would be downloaded to the disk of your computer. Move this file to ‘E:\apps’ and unzip this file. Then a directory named ‘ECOGEMS-master’ or ‘ecogems’ would be generated in ‘E:\apps’. The scripts ‘server.R’ and ‘ui.R’ could be found in ‘E:\apps\ECOGEMS-master’ or ‘E:\apps\ecogems’.